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General dentistry

Inspection fee 500 baht

General tooth extraction 1,500 baht

Scaling 900-1,500 baht

Fill-up, colored like 1-sided tooth, 1,000 baht

Filling in teeth, color like 2-sided teeth 1,600 baht

3-sided color filling, 2,400 baht

Extraction of wisdom teeth 1,500-5,000 baht

Fluoride coating, 600 baht

Dental implants 

Sinus lift surgery 10,000-30,000 baht

Awaken bones for dental implants 15,000-30,000 baht

รากฟันเทียม standard (ใส่รากเทียมอย่างเดียว)           49,000 บาท

รากฟันเทียม standard included crown  (รวมหลักยึดและครอบฟัน)                                                                         55,000 บาท

Dentures using seized dental implants (2 roots) 149,000 baht

Dentures using an implant (4 roots) 262,000 baht

Dentures using dental implants (6 roots) 378,000 baht

Porcelain bridge with dental implants (6 implants) 428,000 baht

Porcelain dental bridges using dental implants (8 implants) 544,000 baht

Small implants, 5,000 baht

Dentures using an implant (8 roots) 464,000 baht




Full dental crown with ceramic, 13,000 baht

Crowns with gold, 25,000 baht

General metal crowns 8,000-18,000 baht

Fine metal crown 8,000-20,000 baht

Porcelain enameled metal crowns 12,000-24,000 baht

Resin Bonded Bried 12,000-24,000 baht

Successfully complete the spur with the number and create a tooth core 4,000 baht

Insert the spur and metal core 4,000-10,000 baht.


Metal model, not including mouth type, X-ray, Retainer 45,000 baht

Metal model, total mouth print fee, X-ray, Retainer 50,000 baht

Ceramic 60,000 baht

Trans-align braces 69,000-180,000 baht

Retainer 2,500 baht


Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at the clinic 5,500 baht

Home teeth whitening 5,000 baht

Tooth whitening at the clinic together with home bleaching 9,500 baht

Close the gap between the teeth 3,500 baht

Veneer colored like teeth 5,000 baht

Ceramic color veneer 10,000-15,000 baht

Ceramic color veneer 10,000-15,000 baht

Ceramic color veneer 10,000-15,000 baht

Dental treatment category

Facial treatment 8,000 baht

Root canal treatment, at least 10,000 baht

Root Canal Treatment 13,000 baht

Create a tooth core 6,000 baht


Diagnosis category

X-ray 200 baht

X-ray Computer (CT / 3D) 5,000 baht

Panorama 1,200 baht

X-ray, Braces per Film 600 baht

Denture category

Full Mouth Denture 20,000 baht

Denture Metal base 10,000-20,000 baht

Denture plastic base 2,500-10,000 baht

Fixing dentures 500-2,500 baht

Removeable Bridge 4,500 baht


Category for children


PPF dental floss and fluoride coating 500 baht

Scaling 700 baht

Fill with baby teeth 700 baht

Sealant sealant 400 baht

Filling and sealant PRR 700 baht

Extraction of primary teeth 400 baht

Root canal treatment 1,500 baht

Stainless steel crown: SSC 3,000 baht


Tesco Lotus Rama 4, Bangkok, Thailand

Clinic number: 02-006-5759

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Inlays / onlays 6,000 baht

Amalgam fillings 800 baht

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